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Planning on the cloud: immediate and powerful

Natalia Stefanova - Friday, March 27, 2015

Guest blogger: Mike Vernazza, Anaplan

Planning & budgeting with modern In-Memory cloud platforms has proven to be more than just a relief to internal IT resource requirements. Organizations are shortening their cycles significantly, driving plans at more granularity, and fostering collaboration up, down, and across the organization. There are no batch runs; everything is real-time. 

Upfront investment is also significantly less when driving planning in a fully hosted, collapsed stack and the Time to Value is orders of magnitude less. 12 month deployments are a thing of the past. 6 to 12 week deployments are the new benchmark. These documented successes continue to proliferate. 

Organizations don't have to start fresh with SaaS either. The existing on-premise solutions from SAP, IBM, or Oracle, can still exist at the aggregate level and meanwhile utilize SaaS applications to handle planning at the line of business level across geographically distributed contributors.

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